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Our charity

We are delighted and proud to continue our support our chosen charity, OFF THE ROPES, having raised £400,000 for them since 2019.

OFF THE ROPES – which is a charity run by qualified boxing and healthcare professionals who engage with individuals and focus on improving and managing participants mental health symptoms using a fully integrated approach which tackles personal and social issues.

In the South East and Kent, 14.8% of people aged 16-74 are suffering from some sort of mental health disorder and there’s an increasing awareness of the growing number of children and young people that identify with mental health and emotional problems in school. 55% of schools in the areas ‘frequently’ or ‘very frequently’ were presented with issues relating to children’s mental health.

The OFF THE ROPES team have an ambition of taking their program into more hospitals and schools and ultimately to create a community hub where people can come and train, feel safe and get the support they need. Media Fight Night is committed to facilitating and supporting this ambition.

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